Checkout some projects which I was working on.


A visualization project of Brazil governement's investments.


SICONVIS is a visualization project implemented as a final project of Data Visualization, on 2016/01. Basically we used D3js library to provide some interative visualizations that show how brazilian governement has spent its investments. For more info, access [](


An implementation of Kruskal algorithm which is faster than O(m log m)


This projects was implemented as a final project of Graph Theory discipline, on 2016/01. Basically, We implemented a version of Kruskal MST algorithm that is faster than O(m log m), using linear sorting algorithms and disjoint tree sets.

For more info, access this link.


Documenting APIs with source code examples


APIMiner is a project that aims to enrich traditional documentation with “real world” source code examples. For this purpose, we instrument the original JavaDoc by including examples extracted from real applications.

For more info, access

More Aqui

Mobile application


More Aqui is an Andrdoid application that aims to help people who are looking for buildings to rent or buy. Basically, the application works like an agenda, where the user registers buildings of his interest. The application then stores the building info along with its location (collected via GPS).

The application have been implemented during an Android development course, and uses the Android main features, like navigation, storing and positioning functionalities. The application source code can be found at this link.


Page for text 2 speech conversion.


TTS is a text to speech service which uses the [Google Translator]( voice to create audio files with the text provided by the user. The project is available at this [link](

Weekly Report


Weekly report is a simple and lightweight reporter system used by ASERG group. Basically the system registers users that must fill activities reports periodically, and send it to the research group. Also, the system reminds the users which did not fill the report yet. The system has been implemented using Ruby on Rails (for learning purposes), and is available at this [link](